Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) / Introduction

(Company Registration Number: 200814577H) (Incorporated in Singapore on 25 July 2008)

MindChamps PreSchool Limited (the “Company”) was incorporated on 25 July 2008 under the
Companies Act, Chapter 50 of Singapore under the name of MindChamps PreSchool (Worldwide)
Pte. Limited and was subsequently renamed MindChamps PreSchool Limited on 10 November

The Company and its subsidiaries offer premium academic and enrichment programmes for children
between the ages of two months up to 10 years old, through (a) infant care centres (for children
between two to 18 months old), (b) preschools (for children between 18 months to six years old), (c)
enrichment centres offering reading and writing programmes (for children between three to 10 years
old), and (d) enrichment centres offering theatre-related enrichment programmes for children. The
Company also offers training programmes for adults at the certificate and diploma levels in early
childhood care and education.

Closing Date

Closing Date
Nov 22 2017 (Wed) 12:00 PM


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Issue Manager And Underwriters

Issue Manager and Underwriter
DBS Bank Ltd.

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